Share Your Story to Win $5000

2018/2019 Program Closed May 31.

Contest Ends May 31, 2019


Elementary Schools

  1. $5,000 Grand Prize
  2. $2,500 Second Prize

High Schools

  1. $5,000 Grand Prize
  2. $2,500 Second Prize

Contest Details

There’s nothing “recycled” about our Contest – it’s brand new! So instead of just telling us how many containers you collect this year, we want to hear the amazing STORY behind your school’s collection program. How was it structured? How did the students get involved? And what did you do with the deposit refunds you collected?

Stories will be judged by a set of criteria including how creative, interesting and impactful they are, and you have until May 31, 2019 to submit yours! So, while your recycling program is underway this year, be sure to collect all the information and photos that will help bring your Story to life!

Keep your Story to 3 pages long (no smaller than 11 point font and approximately 750 words, plus photos in any layout you wish). See example. PDF format only. Please read our Contest Criteria and Guidelines and Contest Rules & Regulations.

Good luck!