Ladner Elementary School’s New Playground Fundraiser

September 15, 2021

Ladner Elementary is a winner of the 2020/21 Return-It School Contest!

Students & parents at Ladner Elementary School have been collecting refundable bottles & cans since the Summer of 2020 to help raise funds for the Playground Replacement Project. With the help of community donations, they have returned almost 90,000 containers through drive-through drop-off events and the school's Return-It Express account!

The Ladner Elementary PAC extended the reach of the school's bottle drive by promoting drop-off events on their social media channels. They also set up bright Return-It School bins in the school hallways to make it clear to students where they can recycle their juice boxes and other drinks to contribute to the fundraiser.

Green learning and initiatives don't stop with bottle drives at Lander Elementary - this school year, some students recycled used materials to create art projects and others used old pop bottles as plant-starting pots and piggy banks!

Ladner Elementary won the second place cash prize of $2,500 from Return-It to go towards their new playground. We know these thoughtful students will continue their recycling efforts for years to come!

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