Holy Cross Regional High School Marketing & Promotions class’ successful green campaign

September 22, 2020

The Marketing & Promotions 11 class at Holy Cross Regional High School decided to use test their marketing skills by encouraging their fellow students to recycle and “go green” through their months-long #hcgoesgreen campaign.

The hub of the students’ campaign was their @hcgoesgreen Instagram account, where they continue to share inspiring environmental posts and images. During the school year, the students used the account to promote contests for prizes and pizza lunches that encouraged students to engage by posting about their contribution to the school’s recycling initiatives online.

In addition to this, the students re-vamped Holy Cross’ recycling bin program, creating a brighter & more visible bin system that was easy for students to use. The new bins were placed in accessible places around the school, and students presented the new system in a school-wide assembly, using videos and games to engage the entire student body in their initiative.

The #hcgoesgreen campaign was a huge success – the school raised over $1,200 through recycling their beverage containers in just six months! This money was used to fund a school trip, purchase the prizes for the #hcgoesgreen contests, and support entrepreneurial ventures that promote eco-friendly actions.

Check out the video the students made about their campaign here.

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