Sir William Van Horne Elementary School’s new healthy habits

September 17, 2020

In 2019, the Sir William Van Horne Parent Advisory Council (PAC) decided it was time to grow “healthy habits” for students and the community by starting a recycling program. Noticing that refundable beverage containers do not end up in the proper recycling bin, the PAC signed up Van Horne as a Return-It School and launched a collection program that educated students, parents, and teachers about recycling while collecting refundable containers for refund each school day.

Recycling doesn’t stop after school though – the Van Horne PAC shared information on its website to help parents contribute their beverage containers from home to the school. They even created a helpful video showing parents how they can use Return-It Express to make sure their deposit refunds go directly to Van Horne’ recycling program. Their efforts came in handy when schools were closed in March due to COVID-19, and didn’t stop the parents – Van Horne families continue to return their containers in support of the school!

This school year, Sir William Van Horne Elementary diverted 2,714 beverage containers from landfills, which they returned to South Van Bottle Depot for recycling.

Return-It has rewarded Sir William Van Horne Elementary’s efforts with a $2,500 donation, which they plan to use to expand their recycling program next year by creating Return-It Express starter kits as well as holding contests for students who participate.

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