Kalamalka Secondary’s Environment Club

September 24, 2019

Kalamalka Secondary’s Environment Club has a vivid understanding of the need to protect the environment – the school itself is named after its neighboring lake, Kalamalka Lake. But until the Environment Club was started two years ago, students and staff alike had little awareness of the amount of materials ending up in the school’s waste bins.

Supported by an improved recycling system that accommodates a wider range of materials, students have recycled close to 10,000 beverage containers. In addition to this, the students have started a composting system that in turn supports the school’s ‘Kalagarden’, which has yielded a plentiful variety of vegetables and herbs.

Kalamalka Secondary plans to use the School Contest second place prize money of $2,500 to build on the good work their Environment Club is doing, as well as spreading awareness.

Read the full details of their efforts here